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First-Time Car Buyers at Shaw GMC Chevy Buick

Every so often we get first-time customers in our building trying to wrap their heads around making that first new car purchase, which we know can be overwhelming. In fact, it’s not strange at all to bump into a Calgary, AB customer that flat-out has no idea where even to begin. Here at Shaw GMC Chevy Buick, however, we want to make those customers feel as comfortable as possible in getting the experience underway, which is why we offer the following advice for folks looking to buy their first new Chevrolet Equinox or GMC Terrain.

First and foremost, set a budget. It’s incredibly important to walk into this experience knowing how much money you have available to spend. Many first-time car buyers are at a time in their lives when they’re trying to establish credit. It’s not a good idea to buy a car that you actually can’t afford, which will wreck whatever progress you may have made.

Plus, knowing how much you can spend will give you a sense of which makes and models you should be considering because the next step in the process is doing some research. Pick possible vehicles and try to get a sense as to whether they’ll meet your needs as a driver. Sometimes the cars you really, really want, are not in fact the cars you really, really need.

From there, stop by Alberta Chevrolet dealers to test drive some of the vehicles you’ve honed in on. We are happy to get customers set up for a test drive, so just give us a call or stop by any time and one of our experienced sales associates will get you behind the wheel. If you find a winner, our in-house financing team will make sure you get the best interest rates possible, and before you know it, you’ll be driving home in the new car you always wanted.

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