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Auto Parts to Replace This Summer

Here in Canada, where the winter weather is brutal and makes driving rather hazardous for Calgary GMC drivers because of way too much ice and snow, summer us supposed to be the reprieve we all prayed for in terms of day trips and longer vacations.

Despite the fact that driving actually is easier this time of year, there are a few automotive parts that need special attention in the summer, including:

Windshield Wipers – If you remember trying to knock ice off of your windshield wipers back in the frigidity of January, you understand how those wipers could be damaged by the time the summer rains pour down. The last thing drivers in Calgary, AB need is a lack of visibility during a rainstorm, especially when it’s such a quick and easy fix for our Shaw GMC Chevrolet Buick service department to handle for you.

Oil and Filter – Heat doesn’t do great things for your oil. Newer, cleaner oil does a better job keeping your engine lubricated, which keeps friction down and your engine temperature reasonable. Again, this is an easy fix that can be handled right here at your friendly neighborhood Chevy dealership.

Battery – Heat also drains your battery more quickly, especially if it’s an older battery. We can test yours to see how it’s doing and of course replace it if the need be.

As always, we are happy to help our customers however we can, and that includes taking care of some summer maintenance, which includes checking and/or replacing the aforementioned parts. Just give us a call or check out our website to set up your service appointment today!

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